The leather board is mainly used as internal reinforcement of bags, small leathergoods and belts.


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Clear Mixture (Beige) Dark Mixture (Anthracite).

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For this use there are two types of sup-port: Raw Standard (to be used where the product requires greater rigidity) and Raw Special (when the product needs greater softness and fullness). The material can be supplied raw or sanded.

Notes:To avoid gluing problems, the use of polyurethane and / or neoprene glues is recommended and the use of water-based glues is not recommended. Given the natural origin of its composition, this product must be stored in places that are not too humid. The product should be always coupled between two materials to avoid possible undulations of the product itself. Do not expose to direct sunlight because it tends to oxidize as the natural leather. The bonde leather is subject to aging so it should be comsumed by the twelve months after its production beacuse then begins its slow and natural degradation process.

Roll Height: 150 cm


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Anthracite, Beige