Centro Acessori’s History

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The historical site of Centro Accessori SPA is located in Monte San Giusto, in the Marche region, known internationally for the livel­iness of his district footwear, recognized as the heart of the button Made in Italy worldwide.

The history of Centro Accessori began in 1973 thanks to the intuition of its founder Mario Castricini: to create a “supermarket” of the accessories for the manufacture of footwear. The activity started, as often happened in those days, in a small room “downstairs” with the help of two assistants and a clerk.

To make its way into the market since then it had to stand out by offering a range of very varied articles in colors and types. This fact allowed the young company to get noticed as a structure in which it was possible to find what it was unlikely and that still remains its hallmark.

In 1988 the company employed about twenty employees and it became necessary to allocate the activities in a large warehouse of 1,000 square meters. In 1992 he began its international expansion with the opening in Poland of a real center to the local shoe enterprises. It was the first time that in a single location was made available to customers all that was necessary for the production of footwear: from accessories to machines and from the soles to the leather.

To allow the activity’s development in 1994 it was necessary the construction of a new plant of 3,000 square meters. In 1996 the process of expansion abroad continues with the opening of a warehouse in Felgueiras in Portugal, followed by a branch in San Joao de Madeira. In 1999 Centro Accessori is preparing for the new millennium with the opening of Teknochim Laboratory for the production of creams and dressings for custom finishing leather. Subsequently, the activities will expand until the carrying out of physical-mechanical and chemical tests which are accredited (ACCREDIA®) on the materials that compose the shoe and on the same final product. In 2001 foreign branch is enriched by another facility in Timisoara, Romania, with subsequent branch in Bucharest. The changed distribution requirements necessitate the enlargement of the factory up to a covered area of ​​5,500 square meters.

The year 2007 saw the birth of another reality in Bulgaria, Kyustendil, to be followed by the opening of a branch in Peshtera. Currently ended the partnership that will see the company present in Belgrade, Serbia. In the near future it is planned openings of stores in countries that are being proposed as landmarks for also medium/high level footwear production.

This expansion policy is the practical implementation of the philosophy that has always inspired the company since its inception: the “just in time” service not only with regard to the range of products but also the proximity to the production facilities to enable operators a strong savings in supply costs and raw materials management.

In 2012 new impetus and visibilità is given to the activity of the Laboratory Teknochim with the construction of a new plant in the area adjacent to that of the parent company.

Today Centro Accessori is the Holding operation of a group engaged in the footwear industry to give answers to the many needs of the market, from design and production of fashion accessories, from consulting to manufacturing of leather finishing products, from fabrics to linings , from adhesives up to the soles, providing customers a team of professionals specialized in the various production sectors and an updated warehouse, provided with tens of thousands of items.

The Group despite the distinct identity of its members has a common philosophy: the “just in time”, the continuous search for new products, also performed internationally, and a real “obsession” for the quality of service and the innovation.


items that worth the hype

An assortment of tens of thousands of articles and large stocks of materials have allowed over the time the company to consolidate its image with customers conquering more and more confidence thanks to the speed and punctuality of the service, the best quality / price ratio and the excellent after sales service.

Sketchily the range of products offered includes: Yarn for sewing leather and soles: waxed, oiled, monofilament, coated polyester cotton, linen, twisted 3 leaders including the MEGAFIL® is certainly the best known. Ribbons of each type in mixed nylon/cotton fabric, cotton, viscose, nylon, ripstop nylon to solve any kind of problem related to the reinforcement of the seams. An exceptional assortment of upper Elastic, Superfine for thin leathers, Bicolor, Beehive, Linen, Metallic, Laminate, for Buckles, Coated, Printed, up to the top of Easy Work (with double selvedge range) to facilitate the direction of the cut with excellent sealing characteristics and that’s available in over 120 colors from 5 mm up to 600 mm. Hinges of the best brands in nylon, metal veneer, brushed metal and die-cast available in stock in 100 colors with the possibility of customization of the sliders with the customer’s brand. Velcro® in Texacro® and Hook & Loop types for any requirement of closures with tear tape. Textile upper and lining materials in natural and / or artificial devices to keep in step with fashion.

A wide assortment of metal parts (eyelets, rivets, hooks, snaps, eyelets, buckles, clamps, ornaments … in galvanic finishes Nikel Free, with deposit of precious metals and no-abrasion INDEL finishing. Technical Materials for the construction of the shoe as the Texon , Fibrate Cardboard, Felt for midsoles and Strobel, Fabrics for Tips and Forest Buttresses®. A large assortment of reinforcements for leather with particular reference to cotton Jersey whose weights are from 120 gr up to 600 gr. with different coating solutions to solve all sealing problems. rolled and Helical nails for heels, Seeds applied by hand or machine , staples, nails hoof, and items for military supplies. Norton Abrasives in all the grain, shapes and sizes with a particular emphasis for rings with film junction “upturned.” Forestry and Thermoplastics (wire and ingots) Liquid Adhesives for the mounting of the upper and the lamination of the leathers. Dressings, creams and waxes for the finishing of the upper and numerous and diversified products for leather retouching. Brushes and paint brushes. Articles for Shoe Care (custom kits are also available according to customer requirements).

Materials for cushioning the upper which Antibacterial Latex foam, Foam Soflex, Duraflex and Magiflex, Expanded. Nail covers,Plantars and Fussbett. Tissue Paper Telusiana premium to pad and box. Sewing needles and all the tools used in the production of the shoe. Erasable signs Pens through the heat diffusion. Stocks per Valkyrie shearing machines and all the accessories for leather laser cutting. Articles for packaging (acrylic tape, stretch film, strapping, silica …) and Micro-Garde® no-mold Stickers. Ribbon to mark the Orotech leather available in over 100 colors. Gloves and articles DPI for environment labor protection. And much, much more …

Centro Accessori strong of their forty years of experience in distribution of accessories for footwear and leather, and thanks to diligent and thorough national and international research, today is proud to introduce its customers exceptional choice of metal parts protected by an innovative and non-allergenic finish galvanic.

It can thus ensure an almost absolute safety in terms of resistance to corrosion of metallic surfaces and the snare smoothness without progressive discoloration, resistance of metal surfaces under extreme environmental conditions (Salt Spray, Heat, humidity, Sulfur Dioxide, …), suitability of parts to test resistance of the so-called “Stress China,” gloss and uniformity of color.

In addition to galvanic treatments with thick precious metal deposit (0.2-0.4 mm) the company proposes another galvanic excellent finish called INDEL that enables metal parts, subjected to such treatment, to resist the brushing force with abrasive wax, leaving the color intact.

The laces’ production and distribution area has become one of the company’s pride, being able to offer customers a very wide range of products to satisfy every request in terms of materials, types, quality, fashion trends and prices , starting from classic cotton and polyester laces up to those in fashion fabric.

A true service Just in Time, a spread selection together with the ability to tap into alternative sources, that allow you to immediately satisfy the most different demands of customers, have allowed to stand Centro Accessori as an important player in this vital area.

The fashion fabric ties and those waxed cotton line “C” (produced with painstaking craftsmanship that will probably make it the best on the market) have allowed the company to gain recognition and acclaim from customers both for their quality and for the aesthetic contribution on the footwear. Inside the lab it is also possible to produce coupled laces and customized with the customer’s logo.

LabModa is the company’s specific section that deals exclusively with the Research, Development and Design of accessories, elastic, fabrics, trimmings and ornaments to keep up with the changing fashion trends. .

The natural extension of this work takes place in LabModa Laboratory, a real workshop of ideas where they are developed and realized with the contribution of a valuable team of professionals.

The Rapid Prototyping together with the presence of an internal mini-galvanic allows you to see realized in a short time an accessory thought and sketched only a few hours before. Prototypes in 3D for every need are studied, designed and produced.

The use of laser enables a wide range of applications: from permanent markings on the parts, to the realization of drawings on the leather uppers to the realization of objects, such as displays, plaques, … on each type of material. The fusion of zamak, the production of metal accessories by means of numerical control machines of the latest generation and casting brass lost wax allow to realize precious objects both in quality and in the accuracy of the details.

Digital printing and UV printing allows uppers and fabrics to make unique and inimitable every project entrusted by customers. The hotfix application of rhinestones and studs on uppers and textile surfaces of each type allows you to customize and make precious each manufacture. The packaging is designed and tailor made in our laboratory. LabModa is able to offer customized solutions on limited quantities or single pieces at affordable prices.

Teknochim is first and foremost a research laboratory, testing and production of chemical products for leather finishing with twenty years experience.

The products are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements, to ensure original and customized leather finishing, can ensure a creative touch and get a unique finished product with always trendy effects. With our experience, Teknochim is the ideal partner. It can provide complete assistance thanks to the competence, qualification and professionalism of the technicians who, together with a family atmosphere, make it the only laboratory of its kind.

The continuous evolution of production processes and the need to constantly renew and to produce products that will further enhance the Made in Italy brand, require structures such as Teknochim that can cover 360° customer needs and provide advice and assistance directly to the laboratories production.

In addition to this, the activity is expressed in performing accredited tests on the materials that compose the shoe and on the same over. In particular, the laboratory of physico-mechanical tests are testing, based on national and international standards, leathers, fabrics, soles, footwear and / or parts of them; aging tests of the finished shoe, abrasion test of the soles, etc. The laboratory is accredited ACCREDIA®. The list of accredited tests can be consulted on the website www.accredia.it.

The chemical laboratory carries out specific analyzes to determine the substances handled by REACH and other specifications in force such as azo dyes, Cd, formaldehyde, chromium VI, Phthalates, Organotin compounds, PAHs, release of Nickel. The Microbiological Laboratory carries out tests to determine the presence of mold on leather, big issue especially for imported materials.

Teknochim as well as offering expert advice on all issues relating to the bonding of soles and / or the upper, also performs advisory services and training on REACH requirements on those governing IPE (individual protective equipment) and safety on the work environment.

CASUAL: The line includes a wide range of products designed to provide the right tools to give life to fashion items.
CLASSIC: Line used to characterize the finished product in order to achieve a look that belongs to the best traditional finishes.
INNOVATION: Our laboratory is always engaged in the study and research of new solutions. Very important is the approach with environmentally friendly chemicals.
SHARP CUTS: various solutions are available for finishing cut.
STAIN REMOVERS: a wide range of stain removers to meet the cleaning needs of different types of supports
TOUCH: we have a high specialization in the production of customized products finishing to repair, as closely as possible, your leather.
In addition to the service carried out by our technicians, we have a ready for use kit if the customer wanted to try to achieve a good scrubbing directly into their production site.
ECO LINE: we did our concept of eco-sustainability formulated with natural colors and cosmetic matrix creams.

NATURAL COLOR SERVICE: From Teknochim’s research the most advanced product offering and application know-how on the market for the use of natural vegetable dyes (as chromophore plants), particularly suitable in the following sectors:
· colors for textiles;
· colors for the leather and leather goods;
· colors for rubbers

and thermoplastics;
· colors for wood, internal furnishings and for cosmetics.

Finishing Products water based spray / brush
Finishing Products Solvent-based spray / brush

Further and more detailed information are provided in the website: www.teknochim.com.