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Thyroid screening for International Thyroid Awareness Week

Centro Accessori has partnered with the Associazione Malati Tiroidei delle Marche (Amati.m, Association of Thyroid Patients in Marche) – which is based in Macerata – to offer thyroid screening to all employees. The screening was carried out during International Thyroid Awareness Week from 23 to 27 May 2016. It was met with great appreciation and a high level of participation which has encouraged us to continue with our programme of prevention.

The thyroid plays a vital role within a human’s life from before birth to old age by regulating important processes such as neuropsychological development and somatic growth in childhood. It is also essential at all ages for cardiovascular function and basal, lipid, carbohydrate and bone metabolism (

During screening everyone was given a pack of iodized salt, and the importance of daily use to help the thyroid to synthesize the thyroid hormoneswas explained.